• Full Engagement Authentic. Confident. Understood.

    Since 1990, presenters have used the Ovson Method to fully engage audiences. Get your listeners to follow your every word, trust your information, and welcome your ideas, products, and services.

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  • Lasting Connections Welcomed. Accepted. Trusted.

    The Ovson Method gives you profound techniques to connect to other people, build lasting relationships, earn long-term trust, and create solutions for your clients, prospects, and team members.

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  • Successful Leadership Inspiring. Convincing. Persuasive.

    Ovson offers you concrete strategies to remain calm and decisive during conflict, create solutions that build consensus, and inspire teams, audiences, and prospects to take action.

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Two Public Speaking Courses that give you the core concepts and transformative power of the Ovson Method.

Building Confidence, Making Connection
A one-day course that transforms your speaking abilities and develops your personal speaking style.

Building Content, Gaining Commitment
This training gives you a proven system for creating presentations that lead audiences to commit to your ideas, products and services.




Negotiation & Sales Courses
For professionals who are looking for improved results for themselves and their organizations.

Leadership Training
Advanced courses for leaders and executives who have already mastered the concepts of our Essential Trainings.

Conflict & Persuasion Courses
Trainings on crucial communication topics that determine the success, vitality, and productivity of any workplace.




Confidential Coaching Sessions are personalized to move you closer to your goals and propel you toward the success you desire.

Improve your communication style and your presentation skills, expand your leadership behaviors, and learn to take the actions that give you meaningful outcomes.

Customized, individualized coaching is available as single sessions or in monthly or quarterly packages. Can also be paired with other courses from Ovson for an integrated program.


The Ovson Method Gets Results

Below is a partial list of clients who have benefited from the Ovson Method.