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If you’re serious about achieving the results you desire, Ovson has a program for you. Ovson’s group training courses and private coaching sessions positively impact outcomes for individuals and organizations.
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Transformative Coaching

Personalized, confidential coaching sessions for individuals. Ovson’s coaching will improve your communication skills, transform your presentations, change your leadership behaviors, and propel you toward the success you desire.


Presentation Coaching
How you present yourself determines your level of success. Ovson’s public speaking coaching not only helps you develop organized and engaging content, but also lets you see how you look and act while giving a presentation.

We show you how to find the right words to say what you mean and how to present yourself in the most persuasive way imaginable. From keynotes to conference rooms, media appearances to meetings, product launches to long-term initiatives, Ovson reveals the foremost strategies to make your speeches and presentations interesting, memorable, and effective.

Among the many benefits of Ovson’s Presentation Coaching:

  • Persuade audiences to your point of view.
  • Increase your confidence and reduce presentation anxiety.
  • Close more sales and increase revenues.
  • Save time and reduce stress.
Ovson Presentation Coaching

Barbara Bauer – MD, Kaiser Permanente

Thanks so much for your assistance with my new position and the presentations I will be doing. I am already feeling better, more organized, confident and very positive.

Executive Leadership Coaching
In addition to making timely, informed decisions, great leaders must communicate their ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively to divergent stakeholders. Ovson’s executive coaching focuses on strategies that give leaders the means to effectively present their initiatives and vision for their organization.

Benefits of Ovson’s Executive Leadership Coaching include:

  • Crystallizing your leadership position.
  • Creating more time, forward momentum, and energy for your career.
  • Improving your organization’s bottom line.
  • Increasing productivity and employee retention.
  • Communicating your vision for your organization’s future.
Ovson Presentation Coaching

Jeff Jarvis – Regional Manager, Spicers Paper

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate and think about our time together. You truly changed the direction of my life and built a confidence in me that I still feed off of.

Customized Coaching for Your Specific Needs
At Ovson, we understand that your coaching needs are unique. While we offer monthly and quarterly coaching programs, you also have the option of scheduling a single coaching session on an as-needed basis. Additionally, you can pair your coaching with other courses from Ovson for an integrated program.

Coaching is available via phone, video conference, or in person. For most effective results, we recommend in-person coaching so you can be videotaped and receive live feedback.

Ovson has a team of professional coaches to serve you. In addition, company founder Alan Ovson is personally available as a coach on a limited basis.

Ovson Presentation Coaching
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