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If you’re serious about achieving the results you desire, Ovson has a program for you. Ovson’s group training courses and private coaching sessions positively impact outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Essential Trainings

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Two public speaking courses that show you exactly how to present yourself in front of other people and precisely what content to prepare and present to your audiences. These trainings offer you the core concepts and transformative power of the Ovson Method and can be combined into a two-day training.


Public Speaking Course 1:
Building Confidence, Making Connection
Designed for presenters who want to project confidence, improvise and think on their feet, and positively impact others, this one-day course introduces you to the core teachings and high-impact results of the Ovson Method. You will learn Ovson’s proven speaking strategies, build your personal speaker’s foundation, and develop a speaking style that engages audiences and gets them to take action.

Whether it’s a technical presentation, sales presentation, leading a team, or contributing to a meeting, all presenters need to engage and connect with their audiences as well as convey ideas with authority, clarity, and confidence. This essential training gives you the strategies and techniques that make you a speaker worth listening to.

This highly interactive training intensive will transform your speaking abilities in as little as one day.



Public Speaking Course 2:
Building Content, Gaining Commitment
This one-day essential training is designed for speakers who need a comprehensive, proven, and easy-to-use system for creating presentations without pulling your hair out! This system shows you how to structure your presentation for maximum impact on your audiences.

Using a presentation framework that is a core element of the Ovson Method, you will learn to develop any presentation in the shortest possible time. You will be given a method to assess your audience in order to provide the content most relevant to their needs. You will create engaging openings, memorable closings, and persuasive action steps that lead your audience to commit to you, your ideas, and your products & services.

You’ll never think of creating or making a presentation in quite the same way after taking this course. A truly transformative experience.

Ovson Presentation Training


Ovson Presentation Training


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