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February 2014

A Note from Alan:
Structure is Essential

This month, we’ll continue exploring the essential elements of successful public speaking.

To get the audience response you want, you need:

  • A strong Personal Foundation, so that you’re confident speaking in front of others.
  • A convincing Personal Style, so that audiences are interested in what you have to say.
  • Great Content, based on the needs of your audience.
  • A Structure to your presentation, so that your audience is ready to respond to your call for action.
  • Let’s talk about how to structure your presentations.

      Alan Ovson

    Topic of the Month:


    Structuring a Successful Presentation

    Structuring an effective presentation takes time and energy. You can’t escape that fact. But the good news is that a structural template that gives you a step-by-step action plan allows you to develop a winning presentation faster, easier and with less anxiety and frustration.

    While there are many ways to craft a presentation, the process I outline here will be successful for almost every type of presentation you’ll want to give.

    6 Steps To Structure Your Presentation

    1. Define your point of view on the subject. This serves as a starting point but does not define your content.

    2. Define the audience’s point of view on the subject. They most likely think about the subject differently than you do. Understanding their point of view is crucial to structuring your content.

    3. Clarify the goals of your presentation:

  • What is the situation now?
  • What are the consequences of that situation?
  • What is the solution needed to change the situation?
  • 4. Write down the action steps you need the audience to take to change the situation. Understanding your goals and the action steps needed to fulfill those goals gives you the framework you need to explain to your audience how to get from where they are to where you want them to be.

    5. Clarify: the current state from the audience’s point of view; why that needs to change; and what your solution is.

    6. Create the body of the content:

  • The Opening: Assemble a short summary of the current state, why that needs to change, and what your solution is.
  • The Body: Develop the body of the presentation in three sections:
    (1) the current state
    (2) the consequences of the current state
    (3) your solution to move your audience from one place to another
  • The Closing: Your call to action
  • The process above is an easy way to create the presentation structure you need to move your audience to action. But, your content also has to be interesting!

    In every section you need to have stories, examples, visuals, or exercises to reinforce the points you are making. People learn from examples and stories. The more your examples, stories, exercises, or visuals relate to your topic, the more reinforcement the audience gets.

    Your success depends on your audience successfully completing your call to action. How you make them think and feel as you make your presentation – going step by step through your structure – is critical to your success.

    Ovson’s course “Building Content, Gaining Commitment” takes you through the content selection and structure process in detail, letting you practice and test the process for your next presentation. Make sure your presentation’s structure addresses the needs of your audience so they want to take action and do business with you!


    News from Ovson Communications

  • New Trainers:
    Ovson has two new East Coast trainers, Harvey Greenberg and Brady Ovson.
  • Free Resources:
    We’ve added several new free articles to our Resources webpage.




    Communications Quote
    for February:

    Style and Structure are the essence; great ideas are hogwash.

    –Vladimir Nabokov



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    The Ovson Presentation Structure

    Here is an overview of the presentation structure we use in our course Building Content, Gaining Commitment:

    The Opening: Short Summaries of:

  • The Current State or condition
  • The consequences of that state
  • The Solution
  • The Body: The Current State or Condition Details
    With no more than three issues:

  • Current state – detail 1
  • Current state – detail 2
  • Collect all your supporting visuals
  • The Body: The Consequence Details

  • Consequence – detail 1
  • Consequence – detail 2
  • Collect all your supporting visuals
  • The Body: The Solution Details

  • Solution – detail 1
  • Solution – detail 2
  • Collect all your supporting visuals
  • The Closing: Your Call To Action


    Featured Training of the Month:

    Building Content, Gaining Commitment

    This training gives you a proven system for creating presentations that lead audiences to commit to you and your ideas, products and services. This course expands on the ideas included in this month’s newsletter and gives you the opportunity to structure your content for maximum impact on your audiences.

    In this course, you’ll get a proven system to:

  • Create successful presentations quickly.
  • Define and communicate core points clearly.
  • Develop engaging beginnings, powerful endings, and clear action steps.
  • Remain in control throughout your presentations.
  • Generate commitments from your listeners.
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