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January 2013

A Note from Alan:

Make More than Resolutions

We've all heard the statistics: only 8% of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. We're three weeks into January and, by the end of this month, 36% of resolutions will already be abandoned.
Let's do something different in 2013!

For this new year, I recommend you do more than simply make a resolution.
Why not make a real goal? You know what I mean, a goal that you actually,
truly believe in … with action steps and benchmarks and real consequences
and rewards! This will propel you to success!

Contact me today for guidance on achieving goals and using communication
strategies for success!

  Alan Ovson

Topic of the Month:

Dealing with Difficult People

Good communications are at the heart of your personal success
and the success of your company. What if communications are
thwarted by people who are difficult to deal with? You need
some strategies to get you through the day – without pulling your hair out!

Try these 10 Tips the next time you find yourself dealing
with someone who's difficult:

1. Recognize the difficult people around you. Identify what their
behaviors are and understand it's not about you. You just happen to be the one in their range.

2. Slow down and assess the situation. If you let your emotions take hold,
you're just helping them drive you crazy.

3. Set high goals for your behavior and keep them in mind when
you're dealing with difficult people.

4. Take action. No matter what, the situation will not change unless
you do something. Make sure that the co-worker knows that you don't
like the behavior and that you will take it to a higher authority if need be.

5. Keep your self-esteem and professionalism intact. Do not sink to their
level of behavior. Don't gossip about them, bad mouth them or send threatening

6. Do not let the problem fester. People hate conflict so much that they
clam up and hold it inside. Bad idea. Take assertive and positive action as soon as possible.

7. Analyze your choices of action. In every situation there may be many options.
Spend some time away from this person and develop as many alternatives as possible to see
which one presents the best response.

8. Bad bosses are a fact. They can be nitpickers, arrogant, controlling or
just plain difficult – and we have to learn to get along with them.
Putting them on the defensive is never a good idea. Pick the most
relaxed time and place to talk to them.

9. Be the one to approach the difficult person first. With assertive language
and a positive attitude, you may be able to restore harmony.

10. Agree to disagree. No matter how difficult these people may be, they may
have some really good ideas. Find something to appreciate about them and be
clear with them and with yourself – it's OK to disagree.

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Communications Quote
for January:

“The single biggest problem with communication
is the illusion that it has
taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw


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