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Alan Ovson is a sought-after speaker who entertains and motivates his audiences, leaving audience members energized and ready to return to work.

Alan Ovson’s Keynote Speeches

Motivate your attendees. Learn valuable insights into business success – while being entertained and filling your day with laughter.

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Alan’s Most Popular Talks:

The Care and Feeding of the Brain: How to Make Good Decisions
The brain is an extraordinary organ. It processes information faster than any computer ever made. But, information is delivered at such a rapid speed that it obstructs our ability to define priorities, analyze consequences, reflect on past experiences, or take our intuition and emotions into account. These factors create poor decision-making habits and make procrastination all too common.

This interactive and entertaining keynote presents easy to learn tools and strategies that will help participants define priorities, recognize consequences, and understand how intuition and emotions help straighten the decision making process and help eliminate procrastination and poor decisions. Come see how your brain works – and how you can get it to work more effectively so you can and live and work more productively.

Negotiations: How to Get What You Want (And Build Relationships at the Same Time)
You negotiate all the time with your managers, suppliers, contractors, and coworkers. Negotiations never end and often the difference between a profitable, smooth running venture and costly disaster is a confidant, skilled, and well-prepared negotiator. This fun-filled interactive keynote enables participants to develop, discuss, and practice the Seven Principles of Negotiations that will improve your confidence and performance. You will learn to reduce potential conflict situations, develop a negotiation mind-set for success, create negotiation power, and recognize common tactics used by the world’s best negotiators. Think like a winner, plan like a pro, ask for concessions, and use your sense of humor to deepen your relationships and enhance your career.

Letting Go and Falling Up (Making Change Positive)
Whether you are an individual or a CEO of a company, change is never easy. In fact, change is so hard that 90% of the people who suffer severe heart attacks can’t make critical life changes that could save their lives. Wow! Could you make a change in your life if your life depended on it? Sure you could, you say, but don’t be too sure. Our old habits can sink us likes stones. In this interactive keynote, Alan will talk about and demonstrate why change is so difficult and how with understanding, strategies, and support, we can all learn to align ourselves with change to make it easier so that as individuals and organizations, we can let go (of those heavy issues we keep inside of us) and fall up.

Building Trust: Developing Your Greatest Communication Tool
When it comes to getting people to listen to you what is the first ingredient you need? If you said trust, you got it. If people don’t trust you, whatever you say is toast – burnt toast. In this fun and interactive speech, Alan will define trust, explain why we lose it, and give you three easy ways that you can build it with almost anyone you meet. The power of trust is huge. Join Alan and learn how you can increase your ‘trustability’ quotient with a little thought, a bit of awareness, and a little practice.

Assertiveness: No is not a Negative Word (How to Say No and Feel Good About It)
Do you find yourself saying “no” to friends, bosses, family members, or co-workers and then feeling conflicted or just plain bad about what you said or how you said it? Well, join the club. The word “no” is a very positive word that forces us to define what we want or need usually in conflict with what another person wants or needs. It is this conflict or the fear of conflict that makes it so discomforting when we say no. After this keynote is over, you have the power to say what you feel and really mean it.

Working with Passion: Acting, Producing, and Directing Your Own Success Story
Around 600 B.C. Socrates asked his students, “How should we live our lives?” Great question and we are still asking it today. Most of us are so busy we operate on automatic pilot just to survive instead of taking time to think, vision, plan and take purposeful action. It doesn’t have to be that way! To be a shining star is to have vision, direction, and passion. We are all actors on the stage of life and to star in our own lives, there is no room for our own self-imposed limits. In this interactive and humorous keynote, Alan plays many characters while he lays the groundwork that all great actors use to analyze their core values, embody their strengths, and find their passion.

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Breakout Sessions with Alan Ovson

Need an energetic leader for breakouts? Alan Ovson’s breakout sessions are always among the highest-rated anywhere he speaks!

You’ve got many options to create the perfect breakout sessions for your event:

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Any of Alan Ovson’s keynote topics are also available for breakout sessions and for half-day or full-day trainings.

Ovson Training Courses as Breakout Sessions
Need an amazing refresher on Presentations, Sales, Negotiations, Leadership, Dealing with Conflict, or Persuasion? Alan Ovson will customize any of Ovson’s training seminars as breakout sessions (from 1 to 4 hours) to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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