O V S O N Communiqué
March 2013

A Note from Alan:
Present Yourself Well. Be Successful.

Making presentations is the key to your success. Whether it's face-to-face conversations, a formal presentation in a meeting, or a full-blown speech in front of a large audience, how you present yourself and your ideas will make or break your career.

Making a successful presentation isn't just about the material in the presentation itself. Your success is largely determined by you and how your audience reacts to you. You've got to be yourself, show some passion and interest, and let your audience know you care about their needs.

At Ovson Communications, we're experts on helping you excel when you make a presentation of any kind. This month's newsletter focuses on some of the strategies that make presenting easy and comfortable.

  Alan Ovson

Topic of the Month:
Presentation Skills

So, you find yourself on stage in front of your audience. Now what? You need to know what to do to grab your audience's attention immediately! When you give them something memorable right away, you get the audience on your side AND calm your nerves.

Seven Ways to Start Your Presentation:
Introductions that Work

1. Ask a Question: This technique will get your audience to pay attention and feel they are part of the presentation, not just passive listeners.

2. Tell a Story: Your story can get the audience to like and trust you – and give them a sense of how passionate you are about your topic.

3. Give a Quote: The right quote immediately connects you with someone famous, builds trust, and gives the audience something to ponder.

4. Make a Startling Statement: Want to grab your audience's attention immediately? Saying something surprising lets your audience know they're in for a very interesting time!

5. Refer to the Audience: Showing the audience you know why they are important will endear you to the room full of people you are trying to persuade.

6. Refer to the Occasion: Talking about why the audience is there lets everyone in the room know that you care about the event.

7. Tell a Joke: This method is not for the faint of heart. However, as we're fond of saying at Ovson Communications, "Humor is serious business." And it is. Using humor is a great way to get your audience to let their guard down and be more receptive to your message.

Each of these seven strategies gives your audience something memorable immediately when you take the stage. Don't make them wait for you to warm up to your topic. Give them value from the very beginning of your talk.

Change Your Beliefs About Public Speaking

Want to feel more confident, think on your feet, and persuade your audience whenever you make a presentation? Transform your current way of thinking by reading Alan Ovson’s report The Seven Beliefs of Highly Successful Speakers.


News from Ovson Communications

  • New Resources Page: The Ovson website now has a Resources Page full of free materials to improve your presentation, negotiation, and communication skills.

    Communications Quote for March:

    It’s much easier to be convincing if you care about your topic. Figure out what’s important to you about your message and speak from the heart.

    Nicholas Boothman


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    Featured Training of the Month:
    Presentations with Purpose

    This is a unique workshop. It uses the strategies of great presenters to plan and organize combined with the skills of great actors to deliver. This combination offers you a highly effective framework to give presentations that grab the audience and never let them go.

    At the end of this interactive and participatory workshop, you will be able to:

      • Take control of the room during presentations
      • Increase sales and negotiate more successfully
      • Answer questions with ease and comfort
      • Stay calm and feel confident
      • Capture the audience's attention
      • Interest people in your ideas, products, and services

    Contact Ovson today and we’ll let you know how we can customize this workshop for you and your team.


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