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Ovson works with individuals and teams from corporations, small companies, professional partnerships, industry associations, and government entities.





Don’t Take Our Word for It

How do we know the Ovson Method works? Our satisfied clients tell us so.
- Jeffrey Rodman,
  Sales Director, Yahoo
Your energy totally involved the audience. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, as it is immediately measurable by the daily positive approach to negotiation our sales team has incorporated.

- Janice Weinstein,
  Director, Koret Initiative Program
You got results because you got people to be comfortable with themselves. You got us to focus in a positive creative direction. Your humor broke down any resistance and your team building techniques made your content immediately usable.

- David Elliott,
You made the subject fun, the audiences responded enthusiastically, and I have seen your list of creativity blocks up on attendees’ walls.

- Karen Allen, CPA,
  Program Manager, Deloitte
Since your class, I have been more vocal of my personal choices and the ability to feel more in control of situations. I feel your class was instrumental in giving me the strength and the knowledge in improving my communication style.

- Morton Frank, Fellow,
  American Institute of Architects
Finally, the huge personal transformational moment, when I discovered myself speaking casually into the microphone, sharing the team’s design project with the audience – and with a smile! My bottom-line: my participation in your course has been a huge gift to me!

- James W. Hays, Executive Director,
  Institute for Supply Management – Nor Cal
Thank you for the two successful negotiation seminars that you so professionally provided for us. I’ve taken and taught many negotiation seminars as a part of my teaching responsibilities at several Bay Area universities over the past twenty years and yours are by a large margin the best that I have experienced.

- Mark Suza, Captain,
  U.S. Army
…helped me talk back to my inner critic and reduce my speaking anxiety. This is an innovative and wonderful course that will really help me prepare and give cohesive and useful presentations.

- Jolyce Ledvina, Global Account Sales Executive,
  Suddath Relocation Systems
The format was great and the atmosphere was such that I and everyone felt very comfortable – good environment for trying different things and not having the fear of messing up.The repetition and continual speaking and coaching is having an impact. I’m building confidence and learning that everything I say or do does not have to be perfect nor am I too attached to my words. Hey, this stuff works!

- Jackie Kerrigan,
  Heineken USA
The best part of this program was that it gave me the tools to deal with two different conflicts: one supplier, one coworker, and I did it very well. I want to thank you so much for the tools and the confidence to use them.

- Sonya Llewellyn, HR Associate,
  501(c) Services
…a safe inclusive environment in which to learn and begin to conquer my fears in regards to public speaking. I am looking forward to continuing my education with your organization!!

- Robin A. Pierce, Senior Director, Marketing and
  Business Operations, Citizen Systems America
Thank you for a wonderful, life-altering class.

- Nancy Bianco,
  National Association of Realtors
Your session was one of the best I have attended ever! My primary responsibility is to negotiate contracts, and the information you presented will be extremely helpful in my position as Planning Manager.

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