The Ovson Method

Looking to create great presentations? To feel totally comfortable when speaking? To clearly articulate your ideas and get positive responses from audiences? You need the Ovson Method.

What is the Ovson Method?

The Ovson Method is a proprietary speaking methodology developed by Alan Ovson. It includes a precise system for quickly creating presentations and, more importantly, a thorough process for convincingly giving those presentations.


A Speaking Method that Allows You to Be Yourself
Everything you do is measured by your ability to communicate and present yourself to the world. The most productive communication isn’t just talking. It’s the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others. This isn’t an easy process. It takes the hard work of learning more about who you are, connecting to yourself, and understanding how the world sees you. The more authentic you become, the easier it is to speak with openness and honesty, clarity and confidence, engaging and connecting with others, building trust, and getting the results you want.

Imagine being at your best when you present yourself, or negotiate, or deal with conflict. Imagine feeling confident and assured, with good posture and movement, excellent diction, and compelling content. Feeling powerful, comfortable, and confident when you speak up in a meeting or make a presentation is the first step to meeting your goals.

The Ovson Method starts with a personal transformation process for participants in our Essential Public Speaking Trainings. These interactive training intensives will transform your speaking abilities in as little as one day.


The Three Pillars of Public Speaking
Transforming yourself is only the first step in becoming an effective public speaker. The Ovson Method employs a specific approach that also transforms your concept of what makes a successful presentation. This approach puts the focus on your audience at every step of the presentation process: early-stage planning, slideshow/visuals creation, taking the stage, giving your presentation, and presenting your call to action.

At Ovson, we consider your audience – and their reaction to your presentation – to be the roof of an edifice that represents your entire presentation and its aftermath. How is this roof supported? By three pillars that make or break your success as a presenter:

  • Your personal speaking style as you engage your listeners.
  • Your choice of which content to include (and exclude) for specific audiences.
  • Your presentation structure and how it leads to your call to action.

While many presenters focus exclusively on the quality of their content (the second pillar in the Ovson Method), you need all three of these pillars to be successful. And, these three pillars are supported by a foundation that represents your interior dialogue and self-reflection. This foundation’s strength is determined by your self-awareness and self-confidence.

The Ovson Method builds up your personal foundation, formulates your personal speaking style, shows you exactly how to choose your content, and gives you a structure to put it all together. This process creates maximum impact on your audience.


Not only did I get a lot out of the session, but also I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone. You made me work and I had a great time doing it. Thank you very much.

- Trish Johnson, William Blair and Co


Ovson Presentation Coaching


Ovson Presentation Coaching



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Our Philosophy

We believe that the most powerful communication comes from the inside out and that, when people find their authentic voice, speak with clarity, and feel confident, they will become convincing advisors able to assist their customers and colleagues with their most difficult challenges. We help our clients become the best communicators they can be.


The Ovson Learning Environment
For over 23 years, Ovson Communications has been a pioneer and leader in experiential learning for people who need to communicate clearly to get the results they are looking for. Our highly interactive programs engage participants, enabling you to access your own inner power to create new possibilities – both for you and for everyone you interact with.

As performers, educators, and business people, we understand and believe that greater self-knowledge leads to personal transformation. And we know and believe that effective leaders must invest some time and energy toward that goal. Our programs are intensive and oriented to help you learn in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

As we often say at Ovson, “Humor is serious business.” Humor, and the willingness to be yourself, creates a learning environment in which everyone learns more quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Even when dealing with serious topics, we take a light-hearted approach to our interactions with participants in our trainings. We foster a learning environment where you are encouraged to have fun, take chances, push past your own barriers, and uncover the great communicator hidden inside you.

At Ovson trainings, you won’t just sit and take notes or read PowerPoint slides. You will engage in hands-on activities, answer thoughtful questions, and practice specific presentation skills. You will be videotaped and coached by speaking professionals. Each step is a carefully designed component of the Ovson Method that permanently embeds concepts and processes into your thinking and your skill set.

We embrace this age-old wisdom: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”


Having a Dramatic Impact on Your Audience
We learned from our early years of consulting that the more we used dramatic techniques in our communication classes, the richer and more complex communication skills our participants developed and used with greater confidence. Being an astute business person simply isn’t enough to make you truly effective in creating results for you and your organization. In addition to business acumen, you need to understand the processes used by world-class performing artists if you want to transform yourself into an unstoppable communicator who is able to get colleagues, team members, and clients to embrace your ideas and take action.

We believe that it isn’t just simply communicating your ideas that matters. It’s the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others that gets you the results you’re looking for. We believe that – whatever role you are in – how you show up, how you connect, how you negotiate and deal with conflict, how you listen, speak, and act creates the impact you have on others.

Who are the communicators that have the most dramatic impact on their listeners? Performing artists like actors, dancers, comedians,and musicians. We won’t transform you into a professional performing artist, but we will use the transformative processes employed in the performing arts to make you an effective and trustworthy speaker who audiences will want to pay attention to.


Our Goals for Ovson Clients
We truly believe in the power of authentic communications – because it works. When you are our client, we want you to:

  • Become the most compelling, confident, and effective communicator you can be.
  • Express ideas that are authentic and in congruence with your thoughts, values, decisions, and actions.
  • Use your presentations to build long-term relationships that drive results for you and your organization.
  • Have a system to create effective presentations quickly and stress-free.
  • Become a public speaker who is flexible and can handle the unexpected.


Ovson Presentation Coaching






Ovson Presentation Coaching










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