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Public Speaking & Presentations 

Getting What You Want

  • Getting What You Want

  • Assumptions

  • Negative vs. Positive

The Seven Beliefs of Highly Successful Speakers
This special report by Alan Ovson offers surprising ways to increase your confidence and communicate your ideas more clearly to audiences.

Three Surefire Ways to Engage Your Audience
Methods to captivate your audience and keep your presentations on track – at any point during your talk.

Seven Ways to Start Your Presentation
This article has seven introductions that really work to get any audience on your side immediately.

Three Principles of Sales Psychology
Alan Ovson’s approach to using sales principles in all presentations – even if you’re not a salesperson.

Five Ways to Develop Your Personal Speaking Style
The importance of being able to engage your listeners every time you speak.

Four Ways to Create Effective Content for Presentations
Don’t choose content you think is important. Find out what’s important to your audience.

Sales & Negotiation 

It's Not About Price

  • It's Not About Price

  • Concession Plans

  • Know Your Power

  • Negotiation and Expectations

Negotiation Quick Guide
Ovson’s 9-page quick planning guide for your next negotiation.

Top Ten Negotiation Mistakes
Based on Ovson Communications’ research on over 500 negotiators, this article delivers strategies for overcoming the top negotiation mistakes.

Three Concession Rules for Winning Negotiations
Alan Ovson explores the important but often-neglected topic of using concessions to win your negotiations.

Seven Habits of Successful Sales Negotiators
Habits that anyone can learn to become a more effective negotiator.

Six Fundamental Psychological Strategies of Persuasion
Strategies used by the best negotiators, salespeople, and conversationalists to build trust.

How Great Negotiators Use the Power of Presence
A guide to understanding and controlling emotions for negotiators.

Management & Leadership 

Be Appreciative

  • Be Appreciative

  • Five Positives

Six Defining Traits of Effective Leaders
How leaders use social intelligence skills to inspire and motivate.

White Paper: Secrets to Giving Staff Feedback
This white paper by Alan Ovson includes his Feedback Success Formula.

Dealing with Conflict 


  • Avoidance

  • Thought vs. Feeling

  • Are You a "But" Person?

Managing Conflict and Difficult People
Alan Ovson’s article that includes his popular 10 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People.

Seven Steps to Communicate through Conflict
Alan Ovson’s very effective, step-by-step process for successfully dealing with conflict.

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