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If you’re serious about achieving the results you desire, Ovson has a program for you. Ovson’s group training courses and private coaching sessions positively impact outcomes for individuals and organizations.
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At Ovson, we understand that busy professionals need their presentations to be part of a broad spectrum of effective communication strategies in their skill sets. Our Targeted Trainings zero in on specific needs of professionals who are looking for improved results and outcomes. Content is customized for the unique challenges of your industry.


Negotiation & Sales Courses

Negotiations Course: Closing the Deal  
An expert-level training that offers you proven strategies that differentiate successful negotiators from everyone else. Whether you are a purchasing agent or sales professional, you’ll learn to keep the power on your side of the negotiation, check your emotions, and present your side of the deal effectively and persuasively.

This highly interactive workshop helps participants define customer needs, handle conflict, ask probing questions, understand the importance of benefits, and generate agreements.

This course offers an extremely high ROI for you and your organization.


Sales Course: Sell Without Selling  
This program is designed for committed salespeople who understand the need for communication and sales strategies that drive business results. As a participant, you will develop and become comfortable with a personal speaking style that will allow you to persuade, convince, and sell more naturally and effectively.

Highly effective sales presenters possess the ability to: clearly communicate the benefits of what you are selling, quickly understand the client’s needs and wants, and organize the information into a compelling story. Make sure you are able to speak confidently on the spot, answer difficult questions, and persuade your customers.

An engaging presentation creates an attentive customer. This class will help anyone open and close more sales.

Ovson Targeted Training


Ovson Targeted Training


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Leadership Courses

Leadership Course 1: Leadership Presence  
When leaders deliver clear messages, eliminate ambiguity, and become effective listeners, their leadership transforms the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of their organization.

This course is an opportunity for participants to develop and practice the techniques, skills, and attitudes they need to become highly productive leaders and managers. You will learn a communication framework that will transform your leadership capabilities by breaking down barriers that block effective communication.

The strategies employed in this course will assist you in creating productive and motivated teams in an inspired, effective organization.


Leadership Course 2: Presenting the Vision  
A course for leaders, executives, and board members to develop and communicate the vision that will drive the future of your organization. You will clearly define what you want and develop a communication blueprint to present your vision to all of your organization’s stakeholders.

This highly interactive seminar works through key elements in the visioning sequence and provides you with the strategies to create a vision for the growth of your organization.

This course employs an extremely effective methodology for executives, senior partners, and board members to develop a clear picture of what they want to create together and generate commitments to that shared goal.

Ovson Presentation Coaching


Ovson Presentation Coaching


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Conflict & Persuasion Courses

Conflict Course: Managing Conflict, Increasing ROI  
This advanced seminar focuses on developing communication strategies that let you push through difficult conversations and create positive results. Participants will learn how to manage conflict effectively, negotiate and gain agreements that satisfy both sides, and respond professionally and calmly under any conflict situation.

Conflict is frequently a symptom of mismanaged agreement. We’ll provide you with strategies on redirecting the management of agreements to create an environment where conflict leads to creativity and productivity – not to hostility and tension.

This training gives participants the tools they need to create a positive work climate in any situation.

Persuasion Course: The Art of Persuasion  
A special training intensive for executives, visionaries, team leaders, sales professionals, and negotiators. Learn insights into the psychology of persuasion and effective strategies for being more persuasive whenever you speak to others.

This advanced course helps you understand the psychology of persuasion and influence so you can get more of what you want, reduce your stress, increase your income, exude greater confidence, and feel more powerful.

If your success absolutely depends on persuading others to your point of view, this is the course for you.

Ovson Presentation Coaching


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