Public Speaking Training that Gets Results

Get others to take action. Achieve the results you desire. You’ll have this success when you engage your listeners, connect authentically with them, and lead them to embrace your ideas and offerings. Every Ovson training program has your results in mind, giving you immediately useful strategies to improve outcomes for you and your organization.

Essential Trainings   

Two public speaking courses that show you exactly how to present yourself in front of other people and precisely what content to prepare for your audiences. You’ll experience firsthand the transformative power of the Ovson Method.


Public Speaking Course 1:
Building Confidence, Making Connection

In this essential training you will learn carefully designed strategies that create successful speakers who project confidence, think on their feet, positively influence others, and get high-impact results.

Public Speaking Course 2:
Building Content, Gaining Commitment

This one-day intensive training will show you how to efficiently choose, design, and structure your content so that it resonates with your audiences and gets them to take action.

Ovson Targeted Training


Targeted Trainings   

For presenters and speakers who have already mastered the concepts of Ovson’s Essential Trainings, these advanced courses zero in on specific needs of professionals who are looking for improved results and outcomes.


Leadership Course 1: Leadership Presence
This specialized course offers you a detailed communication framework that will transform your leadership capabilities and enhance your reputation as an effective leader.

Leadership Course 2: Presenting the Vision
A course for leaders, executives, and board members to develop and communicate the vision that will drive the future of your organization.

Sales Course: Sell Without Selling
This two-day program is designed for committed salespeople who understand the need for communication and sales strategies that drive business results.

Negotiations Course: Closing the Deal
An expert-level, two-day training that offers you proven strategies that differentiate successful negotiators from everyone else.

Conflict Course: Managing Conflict, Increasing ROI
This advanced seminar focuses on developing communication strategies that let you push through difficult conversations and create positive results.

Persuasion Course: The Art of Persuasion
A one-day, special training intensive for executives, visionaries, team leaders, sales professionals, and negotiators.

Ovson Targeted Training


Transformative Coaching   

Personalized, confidential coaching sessions for leaders, professionals, public speakers, and presenters. Improve your communication style and your speaking skills, expand your leadership behaviors, and learn to take the actions that give you meaningful outcomes.
Ovson Targeted Training