Speaking Course 1: Building Confidence, Making Connection

A one-day public speaking training intensive that uses the core concepts of the Ovson Method to transform participants’ speaking abilities in as little as one day. This course also available as the first day of a two-day seminar.

Fees: $599 or $5500 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12
Prerequisite: none

Course Overview

This highly interactive, one-day course will give you tools, strategies, practice, and individual coaching feedback to help you build confidence, engage and connect with others, convey ideas with authority, and transform the way you speak in public.


Course Details

Everything you do is measured by your ability to communicate and present yourself to the world. If you want to close a sale, persuade someone to your point of view, negotiate successfully, stand up for yourself, or be recognized by others as a leader, you must have the ability to present yourself and your ideas with confidence.

During this daylong course, you will present many times and get professional individual coaching and feedback. You will also engage in hands-on experiential activities that will inspire, energize, and make you laugh as you use your new speaking skills and feel your confidence soar.

You will learn:

  • Strategies to engage and connect to others instantly and easily.
  • Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and tension.
  • A system to develop confidence and credibility.
  • Techniques for thinking on your feet and answering questions comfortably.
  • Strategies to assess and understand your audience.
  • Ways to use your voice, face, eyes, and body language to add impact to your message.
  • Details for telling captivating stories that involve, engage, and persuade.


Course Benefits

A Transformation of Your Speaking Skills
By taking this course, you will develop the confidence, presence, and skills to:

  • Engage and connect to others instantly and easily.
  • Present your ideas confidently with maximum credibility.
  • Think on your feet to answer questions comfortably.
  • Persuade audiences to your point of view.
  • Take control of conversations and contribute more to meetings.

Eliminate the Fear of Public Speaking
These common worries about public speaking will no longer worry you after this course:

  • Anxiety about controlling your presentations.
  • Fear about adding your knowledge and experience in meetings.
  • Thoughts about “I can’t stand up for myself” or “I am not interesting.”
  • Looking back on a presentation and thinking, “I wish I had said that.”
  • Your inner voice that stops you from being yourself.

Ovson had me look at my self-confidence which is the root of my presentation anxiety. Bringing in the idea of killing the critic was extremely helpful and an innovative approach. I enjoyed this class. Great in all aspects.

- R.E. Riley, Captain, U.S. Army



Your Presentation Skills workshop was wonderful in more ways than one . . . you helped us discover that it is important to understand our audience so that we can match our knowledge with their interest and need.

- Betsy Flack, Education Director, Strybing Arboretum



Last week was our conference, and I fully utilized everything I’ve learned so far in your workshops. I had several filmed interviews, and I wasn’t nervous at all!

- Sandra Corwin, Architect, San Francisco, CA

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