Speaking Course 2: Building Content, Gaining Commitment

An advanced, one-day public speaking training intensive designed for speakers who need a comprehensive, proven, and easy-to-use system for creating presentations quickly and efficiently. This course also available as the second day of a two-day seminar.

Fees: $599 or $5500 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12
Prerequisite: Speaking Course 1 – Building Confidence, Making Connection

Course Overview

Building Content, Gaining Commitment is designed to drastically reduce the time and energy it takes to choose and structure content for any presentation. In this course, you will learn a method to assess an audience, define the content relevant to their needs, and engage and connect with them.

This course builds on our first public speaking course – Building Confidence, Making Connection. The two courses can be combined to create a powerful two-day seminar.


Course Details

At Ovson, we understand that how you choose your content – and how you structure that content in your presentations – can make or break your success. That’s why this course offers you a very specific methodology for assessing your audience, for choosing content relevant to their needs, and for structuring that content to maximize your impact on your audience.

Using the Ovson Presentation Framework, you will learn how to create engaging openings, memorable closings, and persuasive action steps that lead your audience to commit to you, your ideas, and your products & services. Once you’ve practiced using the Framework, you’ll never think of making a presentation in quite the same way!

You will deepen your understanding of how you are perceived by others, create and use stories and metaphor that make your content more compelling, and increase your audience connectivity. This course uses video taping and continuous individual coaching as a catalyst for rapid improvement.

This course will help you:

  • Analyze an audience.
  • Get any audience to focus on you and your ideas.
  • Create interesting beginnings, focused content, effective transitions, and powerful closings.
  • Develop clear action steps for audiences to take.
  • Use stories, analogies, and metaphors that reinforce major points.
  • Quickly put together presentations using the Ovson Presentation Framework.


Course Benefits

Easily Create Any Presentation
In this course you will learn a system for creating presentations that allows you to:

  • Save time and frustration.
  • Outline any presentation with ease.
  • Define and communicate core points clearly.
  • Develop engaging beginnings, powerful endings, and clear action steps.
  • Insert high-impact stories, analogies, and metaphors into your presentations.
  • Evaluate audience needs before creating your presentation.

Increase Your Effectiveness On Stage
You’ll learn speaking techniques to:

  • Employ a presentation structure that engages audiences.
  • Create a deeper awareness of what your listeners want.
  • Remain flexible and in control throughout your presentations.
  • Deal with difficult or hostile questions with confidence.
  • Generate commitments from your listeners.

Included in Your Training
To maximize the long-term impact of this course, you will receive:

  • Video disk of your presentations.
  • Training Workbook for continuous improvement.
  • Ovson Presentation Framework and Ovson Format Guide for future use.
  • Individualized coaching from professional public speakers and coaches.

Ovson Presentation Coaching





You created an informal, comfortable environment for the staff that helped them immensely as you taught them how to make better presentations.

- Sam Reynal, Partner, O’Rourke, Clark, & Sacher CPAs

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