Leadership Course 1: Leadership Presence

A specialized two-day course that will transform your leadership capabilities and enhance your reputation as an effective leader.

Fees for Two-day Course: $1,100 or $10,000 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12

Course Overview

When leaders deliver clear messages, eliminate ambiguity, and become effective listeners, their leadership transforms the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of their organization.

This advanced two-day course is an opportunity for participants to develop and practice the techniques, skills, and attitudes they need to become highly productive leaders and managers.

The strategies employed in this course will assist you in creating productive and motivated teams in an inspired, effective organization.


Course Details

At Ovson, we define leadership as turning obstacles into productivity, visions into realities, and poor communication into opportunities to create environments where people are challenged and motivated. In this specialized two-day course, you will learn a detailed communication framework that will transform your leadership capabilities to reach these goals for your organization.

This is a leadership intensive that includes experiential, hands-on exercises in a high-energy, fun learning environment where you can let your guard down. You will have the opportunity to act out various leadership scenarios and receive personalized coaching on the steps needed to have the most successful outcome for each situation.

Leadership Communication Framework
The communication framework utilized in this course includes topics that transform leaders and their organizations:

  • A step-by-step guide to redefine effective leadership communication.
  • Techniques to recognize and eliminate incongruent leadership behaviors.
  • Specific strategies to break down barriers that block effective communication.
  • Six defining traits seen in the world’s most powerful business leaders.
  • Communication strategies to inspire all of your organization’s stakeholders.
  • A three-step formula for offering feedback to employees.


Course Benefits

Transformation of Your Leadership Stature
After taking this course, you will have an understanding of how to be seen as a leader in any situation:

  • Lead groups and teams effectively.
  • Clearly communicate your ideas and strategies.
  • Be seen as someone who offers workable solutions that resolve workplace bottlenecks.
  • Be able to listen carefully rather than react during workplace conflicts.
  • Negotiate and communicate more confidently and effectively.

Enhancement of Workplace Productivity
At the end of this training, you will have the resources and tools to:

  • Increase productivity by providing clear language and objectives to your teams.
  • Resolve workplace conflicts in less time with better results.
  • Oversee projects that get done with less conflict and stress.
  • Lead meetings to conclusions that include workable and successful action plans.

Ovson Presentation Coaching





Alan modeled outstanding facilitation and listening skills as he engaged the class in open discussion and sharing of experiences. At times when the participants disagreed with a process or method introduced by Alan, he listened openly, and engaged the participant in a positive discussion. Alan handled the resistance to new ideas with grace and good humor. He used the discussion as an opportunity to expand the learning experience for all attendees. I recommend Alan to you and know you will be pleased with his professionalism, flexibility, and high quality training and facilitation. He is a pleasure to work with.

- Barbara Ranes, Director of Conferences, CalCPA Education Foundation

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