Managing Conflict, Increasing ROI

A one-day or two-day advanced training for partners, managers, and executives to better work through workplace conflicts and other miscommunications to improve productivity, project results, team cohesion, and ROI.

Fees for teams of up to 20 people: One-day training: $7,500; Two-day training: $12,000.

Course Overview

This highly interactive seminar offers partners, managers, executives and others an opportunity to learn and practice advanced communication and negotiation strategies that will enable you to effectively manage conflict while improving productivity, final project results, team cohesion, and your ROI.


Course Details

Conflict in the workplace is highly disruptive. It steals everyone’s time and energy and undermines motivation.

Participants in this course will learn and practice strategies for dealing with conflict and difficult conversations through real-life case study situations and hands-on activities. This training will engage and inspire you to explore, experiment and gain knowledge and confidence using your new skills. Our experienced team of trainers gives feedback to each participant while developing a supportive atmosphere that ensures positive results.

Core Concepts Included in This Training
You will learn a series of strategies for dealing with conflict:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to handle most difficult communication situations.
  • Knowledge of the ten biggest mistakes communicators make.
  • A methodical way to ask questions that break down defenses and generate agreements.
  • An awareness of how perception and emotions can destroy good conversations.
  • Strategies for working through the major roadblocks of stressful conversations.
  • Techniques to create common ground and alternatives for moving from conflict to problem solving.

Specific Strategies Used in This Training
You will be introduced to strategies that allow you to:

  • Anticipate confrontational or defensive reactions and plan for them.
  • Use 6 listening techniques to reduce misunderstandings before they start.
  • Deal effectively with passive-aggressive behavior during negotiations.
  • Help others focus on interests and take only reasonable positions.
  • Turn adversarial situations into opportunities.
  • Control the tone of conversations.
  • Create “positive results only” strategies for you and your team.


Course Benefits

Improve Your Workplace Environment
Being able to manage conflict will transform your workplace. You will:

  • Increase productivity, reducing the downtime from ineffective communication.
  • Improve efficiency via a more motivated, calmer workforce.
  • Positively affect your bottom line.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and office tension.
  • Save time: Solve problems and make decisions more quickly and easily.
  • Create stronger teamwork and improve your peer coaching skills.

Improve Negotiation Outcomes
Having strategies to create resolutions will make you a powerful negotiator.

  • Recognize and respond to underlying client needs.
  • Foster quality client relationships.
  • Remain confident and flexible in tough situations.
  • Increase your presence and credibility when dealing with prospects.
  • Impact and influence peers, clients and superiors.

The course was very beneficial. I was caught in a conflict last week that consumed a few of my work days. The day after the course, I dealt with it perfectly. Thank you very much.

- R. Baker, CPA, Hood and Strong



The best part of this program was that it gave me the tools to deal with two different conflicts: one supplier, one coworker, and I did it very well. I want to thank you so much for the tools and the confidence to use them.

- Jackie Kerrigan, Heineken USA



The extensive discussion on conflict was very beneficial. I was in a conflict last week that consumed a few of my work days. Now, I think I could have resolved it in less than a third of the time. Thank you for the course and the guidance!

- J. M., Kimpton Hotels, CPSM

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