Negotiations Course: Closing the Deal

A two-day negotiations training intensive designed to teach you the art of winning negotiations – with the terms you want and the deal closed on your timeline.

Fees for Two-day Course: $1,100 for individuals; $10,000 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12

Course Overview

What differentiates a successful negotiator from someone else? Highly successful negotiators not only use effective negotiation strategies, they also know how to regulate and deal with emotions that often sabotage successful negotiations.

This two-day course gives you negotiation and communication tools that develop your personal power from the inside out. You’ll learn to use emotional intelligence to your advantage and keep the power on your side of the negotiation.

Remember: You don’t get what you want. You get what you negotiate. This course will help you do it.


Course Details

In this interactive, educational, and fun two-day seminar, you will learn proven negotiation and sales strategies. Additionally, you’ll learn to use these strategies from a position of power, developing abilities to control your emotions and clearly and persuasively deliver your message.

Key Skills Developed in this Training

You will learn a variety of negotiating essentials in this course:

  • Negotiate with difficult clients and coworkers.
  • Recognize, understand, and push through emotional blocks.
  • Set appropriate goals.
  • Ask probing questions comfortably.
  • Create alternatives to unstick a negotiation.
  • Develop concession strategies.
  • Deal with mistakes.

What You’ll Receive in this Training

A number of resources will be given to you:

  • Personalized coaching on your negotiating style.
  • A negotiation planning template that helps you maintain confidence and power.
  • A negotiation checklist to use for all future negotiations.
  • A concession planner that keeps negotiations moving toward a successful close.
  • A list of the ten biggest negotiation mistakes – and how NOT to make them.


Course Benefits

Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line

This course will improve the terms you’re able to negotiate:

  • Contribute more broadly to revenue generation.
  • Create value statements to increase the perception of value in other people’s minds.
  • Think on your feet to move negotiations forward comfortably.
  • Plan concessions to give away things of relatively small importance and ask for things of more value.
  • Use the power of “perception of value” to increase persuasion and influence.

Building Long-term Relationships

Create the long-term relationships that will continue to lead to lucrative deals in the future:

  • Work through difficult negotiations with both internal and external clients.
  • Turn negotiations with others into occasions for productive problem solving.
  • Discuss mistakes and re-negotiate issues without losing face – or your clients.
  • Create win-win solutions whenever possible.

I’ve taken many negotiation seminars and have taught negotiations at several Bay Area universities over the past twenty years, and yours are by a large margin the best that I have experienced.

- James W. Hays, Executive Director, Institute of Supply Management-Northern California



The Negotiation workshop earned a 97.2% satisfaction rating and 100% rating in providing benefits. We are honored to recommend your services to any potential clients.

- Rick Grimm, CEO, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing



The day after the class, I negotiated a deal that was a huge amount of trouble. I got emotionally involved, and the tips from the class gave me the confidence to let my anger go and work out a deal that both sides agreed to. Your class saved me aggravation and made me money.

- PS, C.P.A., Horizon Food Group



I resolved some negotiation issues after the class which had bothered me for months – thanks to you.

- S.L., Procurement, Bayer Healthcare

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