Sales Course: Sell Without Selling

A two-day program for sales professionals. Participants will learn advanced sales strategies and develop a personal presentation style that allows them to persuade, convince, and sell more naturally and effectively.

Fees for Two-day Course: $1,100 for individuals; $10,000 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12

Course Overview

This two-day program is designed for committed salespeople who understand the need for communication and sales strategies that drive business results. A particular focus of this course is selecting the right material for delivering engaging sales presentations that create attentive customers for you and your team.

A strong sales team is where the rubber meets the road. Make sure your team has the skills and the confidence to succeed. This course will help you open and close more sales, shorten sales cycles, and negotiate better terms.


Course Details

In this highly competitive sales world, a confident presence and the ability to engage and connect immediately are essential advantages for successful sales professionals. This two-day program gives sales teams unique sales strategies based on Ovson’s proprietary speaking methodology, which is designed to persuade prospects and customers to take action.

Key Components of This Training
Each of the following is included in this two-day seminar to increase sales teams’ effectiveness:

  • Steps to clearly communicate the benefits of what you are selling.
  • Strategies to understand your clients’ needs and wants.
  • Ways to organize your information like a story so that it flows and is compelling.
  • Techniques to speak confidently on the spot.
  • Systems to answer difficult questions.
  • Methods to engage your customers so you are more persuasive.

Who Should Attend the Sell Without Selling Workshop
If any of the comments below describe you or your salespeople, then Sell Without Selling is the answer.

  • You want to become more confident, clear, and compelling.
  • You hope to broaden your power of persuasion and sphere of influence.
  • You need new presentation strategies to help sell your ideas, products, or services.
  • You present to key decision makers who hold the corporate purse strings.

The hallmark of highly effective sales presenters is the ability to motivate audiences so they are receptive to your call for action. This course gives you strategies to increase that ability.


Course Benefits

Increased Effectiveness in Every Sales Situation
You’ll learn specific skills that help you close more sales and increase your bottom line:

  • The advice and secrets of top sales professionals.
  • The skills to engage and connect to your prospects.
  • Confidence when speaking extemporaneously.
  • Techniques for listening and questioning that focus others.
  • Persuasive ways to use body language and facial expressions.
  • Feedback do’s and don’ts for building and enhancing relationships.
  • Storytelling techniques that involve, engage, and motivate.

Immediately Useable Techniques for Sales Professionals
You’ll learn several techniques you can use on your next sales call:

  • How to influence others with strategy, style, and content.
  • How to read the room and respond respectfully to the customer and the situation.
  • How to listen well and capture the concerns of your prospects and clients.
  • How to deliver an elevator pitch when your time is cut short.
  • How to stand out from the rest in a highly-competitive landscape.

Your energy totally involved the audience. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, as it is immediately measurable by the daily positive approach to negotiation our sales team has incorporated.

- Jeffrey Rodman, Sales Director, Yahoo


Our staff loves you. You build trust, get them to let down their defenses and remove their own demotivators. Our sales are up over 25% thanks to you.

- Jackie Andrews, President, Chroma Copy Imaging

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