The Art of Persuasion

A one-day advanced communication course on the strategies and psychology behind effective persuasion.

Fees: $599 or $5500 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12

Course Overview

Whether you offer ideas to your coworkers and contractors, sell services or products to your clients, ask your boss for a raise, or communicate the vision for the future success of your company to your employees, you persuade. The reality is you need to persuade many different types of people – and you need to do it all the time.

This advanced communication seminar helps you understand the psychology of persuasion and influence. If you want to get more of what you want, reduce your stress, increase your income, and feel more confident and powerful, this is the workshop for you.


Course Details

This is a one-day training intensive that not only introduces principles of persuasion and influence but also has you engage in experiential learning exercises to practice the principles in real time. This serious and important topic is dealt with in a fast-paced and fun learning environment designed to maximize the impact of the information on all participants.

Content Included in This Course
Course content is drawn from many areas of society: business, academics, psychology, and the performing arts:

  • Principles of sales psychology – to be used whether you are a salesperson or not.
  • Use of body language to maximize impact of your conversation on all listeners.
  • Strategies for asking questions that lead listeners to your point of view.
  • Acting techniques employed by stage actors to increase their presence and charisma.

Included in Your Training
To maximize the long-term impact of this course, you will receive:

  • Personalized coaching as you engage in role-playing exercises.
  • Video disk of you making persuasive presentations to the other participants.
  • A workbook with exercises and additional strategies for becoming more persuasive.


Course Benefits

A Transformation of Your Ability to Persuade Others
At the end of this course, you will have the resources, understanding, and tools to:

  • Gain power and influence.
  • Frame ideas to influence other people’s perceptions.
  • Speak confidently and ask questions directly.
  • Take control of conversations and contribute more to meetings.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Increase your income.
  • Get what you want – in the workplace and in your life.

Thank you for the outstanding job in presenting your Art of Persuasion class for the United Aqua Group. The feedback I received from the attendees was some of the most extensive and complimentary I have received for any program. The practical concepts and techniques you shared left the attendees describing your program as life-changing, informative, insightful and engaging.

- Sharon Moser, Director of Education & Events, United Aqua Group



Not only did I get a lot out of the session, but also I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone. You made me work and I had a great time doing it. Thank you very much.

- Trish Johnson, William Blair and Co.



Your real-life examples of how persuasion can be used were easy to understand and implement. You combined information and humor in a format that was enjoyable and educational.

- Kathy Hawes, The FREEDOM Group


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