Leadership Course 2: Presenting the Vision

A two-day course for executives, senior partners, founders, board members, and other visionaries to create and communicate a vision for the ongoing success of your organization.

Fees for Two-Day Course: $1,100 or $10,000 for teams of 10
Limit in open classroom: 12

Course Overview

High-performance organizations and teams have key factors in common. They develop clear pictures of what they want to create together, they are excited about their basic purpose, and they share a common set of values.

This highly interactive, two-day seminar works through key elements in the visioning sequence and provides leaders with the strategies to create a vision for the growth of your organization.


Course Details

Developing a unified vision is one of the elements that separates highly successful organizations from their competitors. A properly created vision keeps people moving forward while simultaneously responding creatively to change.

Shared visions help partners define their direction, generate commitments, share values, and create strategic plans to move forward together. This course gives you the necessary tools to not only create a cohesive vision for your organization, but also to develop a strategy for clearly and successfully communicating that vision.

This course is most effective for leadership teams and is available as either an on-site seminar or as an off-site retreat.

The Visioning Process
During this course, you will complete a series of hands-on exercises that:

  • Define your individual values that make you an integral part of your organization’s future.
  • Recognize the collective values of the group and define your organization’s values.
  • Create a visual history of the organization to define past successes, failures, and trends to create a vision and purpose for the future.
  • Discover how past choices and decisions affect future choices and options.
  • Develop a mission that seeks out key opportunities, makes resource-allocation choices, and develops realistic strategies.
  • Recognize opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and threats in the marketplace.
  • Define the organization’s long-term goals and vision.

Communicating Your Organization’s Vision
This course also covers successful techniques to communicate your organization’s vision:

  • Create a framework for communicating your vision to all of the organization’s stakeholders.
  • Use advanced communication strategies to make stakeholders feel they are included in the vision.
  • Review leadership styles to determine which is best for communicating your vision.
  • Make elements of the vision part of reviewing employees and giving them feedback.


Course Benefits

This course leads to a series of results and benefits that strengthen the future of your organization:

  • Unite organization members to work toward a common goal.
  • Make sound decisions that focus on shared values.
  • Develop solid foundations and strategies to benefit the organization.
  • Define your organization’s mission to build a better future.
  • Create new opportunities that increase income and profits.
  • Recognize and eliminate incongruent behaviors that impede a shared vision.
  • Feel involved, motivated, and part of a working team.

Ovson was instrumental in guiding the firm’s principals and upper management through comprehensive sessions which resulted in the development of a clear vision and establishment of the office mission, core competencies, and core values.

- Reggie Reyes, AIA, Island Architects, La Jolla, CA

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